Villa Nakula

Villa Nakula

Kayu Aya (Laksmana) Gang Bugis, Bali 80361, Indonesia

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Villa Nakula

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Worst holiday for me

I've never written negative reviews but this trip was a very upsetting trip for me and my family, so I feel I have to share my experience.

My family and I booked Villa Nakula and upon arrival, my 18 month old was asleep, so we placed her on the bed. 45 minutes later, we were horrified to see the whole one side of her face (which was laying down on the bed) full on red spots! The next day, the spots became angry red marks (forehead, cheeks and chin) and we brought her to the doctor who said it was bed bugs. We were of course very angry and upset because it was the beginning of our much anticipated holiday (i was bringing my parents on a holiday for the first time) and it's destroyed by this incident.

We were comforted by the very nice staff who later transferred us to Villa Umah Kupu Kupu. It was a very nice villa but we were not in the best of holiday mood. I cried each time I look at my daughter's face. People stared at her wherever we went. I couldn't sleep well because I had to prevent her from scratching her face which will worsen the marks. And we couldn't enjoy the pool because she can't be in one and us being in the pool will make her want to jump in too. Having said that, the staff did help us get a pool fence so that she wouldn't go into the pool. She loves the water so it was hard to keep her from wandering close to it.

I do feel bad that I have to write this because the staff were really wonderful, accommodating and the villa was nice. But this incident made the holiday a 4 day nightmare. It's been 5 days and she's still very spotty. I had to bring her to another doctor back in Singapore for more creams and meds. The doctor said it will leave marks but should fade in about 3 months. But that is 3 months too long.

I hope the bed and room will be thoroughly cleaned. And hopefully no other family will have to go through this

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