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Bodega Phuket

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Super clean hostel dorm City view from balcony
Super cute cafe and lounge area

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Bodega: Awesome chill and clean hostel in Phuket

I honestly loved my stay at Bodega: Patong itself is quite sleazy, but Bodega is super cute with bohemian hospitality and modern conveniences.

The bar and café: Reasonably priced Thai and Western food of excellent quality. I couldn’t get enough of the mango banana smoothies while snuggled up in an overstuffed Victorian chair with a book: perfect spot to people watch.

The high-tech conveniences: Each bed in the 8-bed dorm had its own outlet point and reading lamp, with a few more outlets strewn throughout the room. Yay for having fully charged gadgets every morning! There’s also Wifi throughout the hostel.

The security: Each person also had a locker with key to stash expensive tech and passports while they were out and about: the added security is a nice perk.

The chill lounge: A windowseat with Wifi that looks out onto a quiet street: this is the stuff a blogger’s dreams are made of. There are also two free computers with super-fast Internet and cameras for Skype.

The cleanliness: Super, super clean. The all-white sheets and beds are a bit sterile looking, but they are sparkling clean. Someone also comes in and makes your bed up every day, and opens the windows in the afternoon to let some fresh air in. Bonus: the bunk beds don’t squeak AT ALL.

The view: Plenty of windows for natural light and the 8-bed dorm has a balcony that’s lovely for a bit of reading in the sunshine.

The only downside is the lack of AC or fans in the 8-bed dorm. Located four stories up, it gets hot in there—opening the windows during the day is great to get the air flowing, but it can get a bit stuffy at night. A few fans would go a long way!

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