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De Reef Villa

Jalan Raya Senggigi, Stangi Beach, Lombok 831000

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Horrible location and very sketchy ownership
My family and I were looking forward to an excellent beachside villa in Senggigi Lombok for New Years. First issue started with the driver not being able to find the location. Very little help from the ownership despite multiple phone calls, and several stops to talk to the locals we finally found the villa. First, this villa is very off the beaten path. After a 1km drive through cow pastures and rice fields, we found the villa, and there is nothing else here but the villa. Not a good place for anyone with a family given the safety concerns. And it only got worse from there. We had paid for, and the owner had accepted and confirmed our reservation, for four nights. When we arrived, there was another group already there and the owner of the villa was nowhere to be found. The manager said that the owner had booked another family and that there was nothing that could be done. Despite the fact that they accepted our money and confirmed the booking, they said sorry, can't help. It was a mistake. The manager would not help us to find another suitable villa so my family and I had to fend for ourselves over New Years break...not easy to find something during that time. We are still waiting for our refund at this time. I want to be sure that no one else has the same issues that my family and I had....please be very careful if making a reservation with this villa. Very bad service, poor location and questionable ownership. Rent this location at your own risk. It's not as nice as the pictures how having seen it, and you may not even have a place to stay when you arrive.

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