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Keppler Hotel

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Keppler Hotel

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A perfect stay in Paris

I read lots of reviews before booking a night at Keppler Hotel, and it really lived up to the hype. When you step inside it really takes your breath away. The hotel was created by a famous French designer, and the furniture and art is so perfect it feels like it's from a movie.

I booked the cheapest room possible so it wasn't quite as amazing as the lobby. It was pretty small for 2 people even though it had a queen bed, but still very stylish and the staff turned down the bed every night leaving chocolates. WiFi was available in the room and it was free.

It's about 300 Euros a night which is actually considered reasonable for downtown Paris. The location is both quiet but you can walk to the Champs Elysees. Keppler is a small hotel, so you should book in advance if you want a certain room. I tried to stay here once before and only the suites were available which are well outside my budget.

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